Format evaluation

We have started to evaluate the formats being produced by MaxTract. After getting a list of potential users form Alistair from techDis, we sent them sample MaxTract output files and asked for their opinions on them. We have had a number of responses so far, and here I sumarise what they have said

  • The MathML and plain text formats are good
  • They are read well by screen readers in most cases . . .
  • but some readers give different results
  • LaTeX is not so useful
  • People are unsure how to use the annotated and layered PDFs
  • These also don’t always render correctly and are not compatible with certain PDF viewers

We are working to fix the issues with the PDF files, and after explaining how to  use them, people seemed more open to the idea of them, though they will need more fine tuning.

Finally, Alistair is at a conference for disability professionals today and tomorrow, and he will be getting further opinions on our work. I will report these when I hear back from him.

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