Proxying to GlassFish

We’re currently developing a new course work submission system and the developer is building it in Java running on GlassFish, we generally don’t like to expose individual servers out to the world, but proxy URLs using Apache httpd’s mod_proxy, so for example will be the URL used, but that’s actually running on some back-end GlassFish servers.

When testing uploads of files (generally large, but possibly over slow connections), we found that we were getting the following in the httpd error_log:

proxy: pass request body failed to

And the client would error with something like:


Eventually after much Googling with similar reports, I came upon the Apache httpd directive we need to tweak:

RequestReadTimeout body=10,MinRate=1000

Basically what we are saying here is that the maximum time for request is 10 seconds, but increase it by 1 second per 1000 bytes of data received.

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