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Global state considered a fiction

Here is what my colleague Uday Reddy says in his paper “Global State Considered Unnecessary” [pdf]: The traditional semantics of imperative features is based on the notion of global store. A variable is an index into the store and the store … Continue reading

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Separate compilation in higher-level synthesis

The Geometry of Synthesis [pdf] research programme aims to develop higher-level synthesis tools and techniques that bring full support for functions. On the language side this means things like higher-order functions [pdf] and recursion [pdf]. On the compiler side this … Continue reading

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Game Semantics, a gentle introduction

The first paper I ever read on game semantics was Samson Abramsky & Guy McCusker’s “Linearity, Sharing and State“. It was included in a great collection of papers on Algol-like Languages by Bob Tennent, my PhD advisor, and Peter O’Hearn … Continue reading

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FoC: Fundamentals – of Computing? or of What?

I’m going to examine the phrase “Fundamentals of Computing” (FoC) as brand-label for a research community. The research community is real and the label is convenient, but the label’s natural interpretation is really only a part of the dynamics of … Continue reading

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This is, or rather it is going to be, the research blog of the people who do theoretical computer science at the University of Birmingham. More precisely, it is going to be the online presence of the Lab Lunch, our … Continue reading

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