Three talks at “Logic and interactions” winter school, CIRM, Luminy

I recently gave a research tutorial on game semantics at Logic and interactions 2012, CIRM, Marseille. I was asked to emphasize the connection between game semantics and the Geometry of Interaction, which I was very happy to do. I didn’t try too hard to establish a formal connection but I tried to establish an intuitive and conceptual connection via token machines, although working in a more general setting than the conventional GoI; a setting which seems to be more appropriate if your concerns are computational rather than logical.

  1. Game semantics from a GoI perspective [video]
  2. Game semantics of Concurrent Algol: this part of the tutorial was given on the blackboard and I could’t record it. It was a vanilla description of the model in my paper with Andrzej Murawski [pdf].
  3. Applications of full abstraction: A brief conclusion where I mainly explore the usefulness of full abstraction [video]. I intended this mainly as a setting of scene for my invited talk on System-Level Semantics [pdf], recent work with Nikos Tzevelekos.
  4. Invited talk: A system-level semantics [video]. More about SLS in a forthcoming blog post. Stay tuned.


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