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Leaving the Nest: variables with interleaving scopes

A paper [PDF] with this title, co-written with Jamie Gabbay and Daniela Petrişan, will appear in Computer Science Logic (CSL 2015). Actually the full title is Leaving the Nest: Nominal techniques for variables with interleaving scopes. The “nominal techniques” part is in reference … Continue reading

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Inventing an algebraic knot theory for eight year olds (V)

Towards Equations We finally reconvened our maths club after a mid-term break (children not available) combined with the university exams period (me not available). I correctly assumed nobody remembered anything we talked about before. At least not in detail. Also, … Continue reading

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Types: computation vs. interaction

Type Theory is at the moment the workhorse of programming language theory. It is an elegant, clever and incredibly useful framework for thinking about programming (for full disclosure, I have written several papers with the word “type” in the title). … Continue reading

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