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Moving sites

From now on new posts will appear on my Blogger site: This is for both technical (the comment system on this site, the occasional crashes) and personal (I may want to post personal or political opinions which need not … Continue reading

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Why is lambda calculus named after that specific Greek letter? Do not believe the rumours!

A common myth in theoretical computer science is that the ‘λ’ in λ-calculus comes from some kind of typographical error, where the intended notation was a circumflex accent ŷ.M, which became a caret ^y.M then finally a lambda λy.M. At … Continue reading

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Learn OCaml!

I have been teaching OCaml to first year undergraduate students for a few years now. Why not share it with the world? To access the course follow the link at the bottom of the page. Here is what you will … Continue reading

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A short fable of software engineering vs. regular engineering

An acquaintance recently took up an assembly line job with McLaren automotive — the people who make F1 and luxury sports cars. Before this gig, he used to work from his garage doing custom body and paint work, and developed … Continue reading

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A simple proof checker for teaching

For the last few years I have been teaching functional programming to first year students. One of the main benefits of using functional programming is that you can prove simple, but non-trivial, properties of simple programs, for example, that the … Continue reading

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Real time real numbers

At the Synchronous languages workshop I have attended a very interesting and amusing talk given by Timothy Bourke and Marc Pouzet regarding real time real number computation and simulation. It’s a take on the classic puzzle: Suppose that two cars … Continue reading

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This is, or rather it is going to be, the research blog of the people who do theoretical computer science at the University of Birmingham. More precisely, it is going to be the online presence of the Lab Lunch, our … Continue reading

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